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Closed! Under contract in under 20 days! 21,000 sf flex facility. Sale-leaseback deal located at 1020 Thousand Oaks Blvd in Greenville, SC along the future SCDOT Woodruff Road Congestion Relief Project roadway and bridge addition over I-385. Full price, short due diligence to close, all cash under a 1031 exchange. The established local business decided it was time to tap out of ownership of the real estate after a decade of ownership. The sale-leaseback has allowed the business to pay off equipment debt and to fund future expansion with cash and fund other passive real estate investments. If your business owns the real estate that it occupies, we can provide a no obligation market analysis to determine if a sale-leaseback could be advantageous for your business especially if you are stuck in a variable rate + prime loan/ debt structure. We work with Private Equity and Family Office groups all over the southeast with cash in hand seeking to acquire the real estate occupied by the business and/ or the business.

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