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It’s no surprise that Chick-fil-A just slid into the #3 ranking for top 500 Quick Service (QSR) restaurant chains (and #1 as Customer Favorite according to Restaurant Business Online), but how they are doing it is staggering. Last year, they averaged more per unit than McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Subway…combined! All in six days per week, no less. They also did it with only 2,470 units versus McDonald’s 13,846 units and 15,049 Starbucks units (US). Those who frequent Chick-fil-A recognize their efficiency both inside and outside of each restaurant – mobile ordering and parking lot associates keep the multiple-lane rivers of lunchtime traffic weaving and flowing like practiced dancers–an art in itself. Then take into account their high accuracy rate and genuinely friendly demeanor; it’s really quite beautiful. Go inside and observe the tidy dining area, clean restrooms, and watch as associates frequently bring orders to guests, take away their trash (no tipping, please!), and maybe even remember them by name. Competitors have tried to copy the “My pleasure” response (you won’t hear a Chick-fil-A employee say “you’re welcome”), but they just can’t do it the same way, and it shows in both sales and employee retention.

What’s really mind-blowing is how they do it with so few franchise units. Below we have broken down Chick-fil-A’s performance based on number of locations along with their top 4 competitors. This should help put things into perspective for those that follow US retail and Quick Service Restaurant trends.

Analysis Based on US Locations Only:

Ranking as of June 2020

Ranking * Company * Number of Units (US) * Avg Gross Sales Per Unit

#1 * McDonalds * 13,846 * $2.7 million

#2 * Starbucks * 15, 049 * $540,000

#3 * Chick-fil-A * 2,470 * $4.6 million

#4 * Taco Bell * 6,766 * $1.51 million

#5 * Burger King * 7,346 * $1.36 million

*Data presented ref. QSRMagazine.com, RestaurantBusinessOnline.com and other online CRE publications.

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