–Press Release–

May 4, 2018

Griffin Property Solutions a Greenville, SC based commercial real estate brokerage and investment advisory firm, founded by native Mark Griffin, has affiliated with Sperry Commercial based in Irvine, CA to form Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates-Griffin Partners.  After over five years of building a successful, independent commercial real estate brand founder Mark Griffin decided it was time to affiliate with one of the most respected brands in the industry to fill the gap between local market knowledge and global reach to better serve their clients.

Lead by commercial real estate icon Rand Sperry, Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates (SperryCGA) is dedicated to cutting edge technology and collaboration working in the best interest of their clients and investors in an ever changing global market. SperryCGA believes that the commercial real estate industry is an ever evolving, ever changing market sector. To achieve the highest level of success for our Clients, we must be able to efficiently manage their diverse and complex needs. With a successful history spanning more than 40 years, Rand Sperry continues his legacy in commercial real estate with Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates, a network of real estate brokerage affiliates dedicated to delivering strategic and targeted solutions to clients around the globe.

Please view our publication to find more about SCGA’s global marketing platform and solutions for investors, owners, tenants, bankers and landlords.