The ONLY Omni Arena virtual reality gaming trailer in existence!

Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates is proud to offer this opportunity to purchase the only mobile Omni Arena Virtual Experience trailer in the world! The owners of this trailer arranged all of the licensing and construction of this incredible business opportunity just before the Covid-19 pandemic. Lockdowns and event cancelations have forced them to sell. Their loss is your opportunity! The country is on track to reopen and this self-contained, mobile moneymaker is ready to start printing cash!
The Arena features three Virtuix Omni-Arena Virtual Reality stations. These stations are the only fully immersive VR in existence allowing customers to walk, jog or run in a full 360-degree universe. Each station has a 55″ television outside the trailer for guest viewing, as well as a 65″ television on the outside for training videos and marketing videos.
The Arena is featured at 2 of the largest arcade companies in the US: Dave and Buster’s and Andretti Indoor Carts. Dave and Buster’s signed a $2 million contract last year with Virtuix and will be installing The Arena in all of their stores. This Arena is the first mobile Arena of its kind and the portable nature of the business has a clear advantage of not having a lease on an expensive building and the ability to take the experience directly to the crowd instead of waiting for customers to come to you. Setup at any major event and have the most popular attraction on the grounds!

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Price $ 99,500
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