Antiques and Collectibles Bulk Liquidation

Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates – Griffin Partners offers this once in a lifetime MASSIVE bulk liquidation of Antiques and Collectibles. Seller has been in business for over 50 years and recent injury has forced immediate liquidation of inventory. There is a combined 5000sf of storage space that is literally stacked floor to ceiling and wall to wall. Estimated wholesale value of all items sold individually is well over $600,000. You have never seen a collection like this. Pieces range from the 1880’s to 1980’s and include over 200,000 large pieces, and well over 1 million individual pieces! Estimated collections examples are 500,000+ sports and advertising cards, 5000+ Vinyl records, 2500+ Beenie Babies, and thousands of comics, watches, clocks, vintage hardware, glassware and china, mirrors, clocks, and more. The amount of inventory is overwhelming and too much to list. You must see it in person to believe it. This is an amazing opportunity for a knowledgeable collector to acquire a tremendous inventory that could be sold off individually for a HUGE PROFIT!

There is an option to leave the inventory at its current location, but we believe the best way to maximize a fast return on investment would be to relocate the entire collection to a larger facility to sort and price for individual sale online or to other retailers. The seller does not own a computer which is why no effort has been made to sell these items beyond the local market through a brick and mortar location.

Some seller financing is possible.

Over 200,000 large pieces including furniture, art, lamps, clocks, and more
Well over 1 million individual pieces
Thousands of pieces of glassware and china. Including Lennox, Weller, Westmoreland and more
5,000+ Vinyl Records
500,000+ sports and advertising cards
1,000+ comic books
10,000+ pieces of ephemera
Over 50,000 signed & unsigned NY Graphic Art prints from 1960-1990
Hundreds of Elvis memorabilia, Barbie dolls, and bronze figurines
Thousands of Coca-Cola and Pepsi collectibles
Signed and unsigned sports memorabilia
The list is endless. You must see this collection in person

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Price $ 295,000
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